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     Willow Grove Ranch is owned and operated by Dave and Kay Shriner. We are located near Moody, Texas. Moody is located in Central Texas, west of the Interstate 35 corridor, between Temple and Waco. In addition to raising emus, we also raise Boer goats; plus the usual assortment of chickens, turkeys, dogs, cats, and grandkids. In 1992 we decided to get into the emu business for several reasons. We saw the emu as relatively easy to raise and as a totally useable animal, but most of all because we believe in the oil. Kay and I are both arthritis sufferers, she with her hands and knees, myself with arthritis in my neck.

When we started actively selling emu oil in 1993 our operation was very small, however, we have since grown to be the largest supplier of emu oil in Central Texas and out grew our "part time" status years ago. One thing to always be aware of: whatever supplier you talk to, be sure to ask if their oil is American Emu Association certified and ask if you can see the chemical analysis of the oil.

We are also believers in the extremely healthy red meat of the emu. The protein content is higher than chicken, turkey, beef, pork, buffalo, or even ostrich, while remaining lower in fat and saturated fat than any of these. It is also the lowest in calories and the highest in iron.

We enjoy having visitors at the ranch and letting people get to know these wonderful animals face to face. If you would like to visit Willow Grove Ranch please call ahead in case we are not at home. We would love to see you.

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