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 Dear Willow Grove Folks,
     Thank you so much for the quick shipping of my recent order. I was thrilled to find a bottle of Emu Oil in my mailbox  yesterday! With this cold and dry weather, it was wonderful to soothe all my dry spots before bed – and I was itch free all night.
             Thanks again,
             Kris (Austin)

           Dear Mrs. Shriner,
           I purchased a small bottle of your emu oil at the Rail Market in Downtown Fort Worth earlier this year and found it to be just as beneficial as you told me. It was really working great until my little dog ate the top out of the plastic container. I can’t say it was great for her digestive system, (actually, in some respects you could say it worked really well), but other than that, it truly surpassed my expectations. I was pleased to receive your mail-out recently, as I wanted to purchase more but discovered you were no longer at the market where I originally purchased the oil and, since the dog ate the container, I couldn’t get the information off the bottle. Please send me one 8-oz bottle of emu oil. I have enclosed check… Thanks again and I hope your business is going well. I have told many people how pleased I was with my purchase.
   Sandra (Fort Worth, TX)

Dear Dave and Kay –

           Here’s the check for the 8 oz. emu oil + the money for another order. I really don’t know how I lived without it.  It is actually the only thing that makes the scars from my two mastectomies feel better and they are definitely looking better too! Please feel free to use me as an enthusiastic endorser of the product. Hope you and yours have a beautiful holiday season.       
         Best regards
        Mary Jo (Breast Cancer Resource Center, Austin, TX)

         I must admit I was a skeptic. This past Sunday in Fredericksburg, I got a 1 oz bottle to try on my knee and back. The gentleman assured me it would work. I figured it was going to be another – "Yea, Right this works on others, but not me". I admit I was wrong. In 24 hours, I could walk without limping on my knee and my cane has been  placed in the closet. Last night I slept in my bed all night for the first time in 3 years. OK, you made a believer out of me…….there are several people in my small hometown I want to try this. I only hope it works as well for them.  My check will be in the mail today.

        Mary (Petersburg, TX)

Dear Kind Folks at Willow Grove Ranch,
         I must confess I am now totally addicted to your emu oil! I purchased a small bottle from you last year at Wimberley’s Market days, and used it on my hands during dry weather. During the summer I pretty much forgot about moisturizing on a daily basis and the bottle of emu oil sat by my bedside, waiting. This winter I developed another grand case of eczema. After trying almost every lotion on the store shelves, I finally used some of my precious emu oil on my legs and to my surprise I slept all night without itching. What relief! Enclosed is a check for one 8 ounce bottle plus shipping costs. I am looking forward to receiving a new supply of your fabulous emu oil in the coming weeks and am sure to become a regular (itch free) customer.        K. L. (Austin, TX)

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