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The Aborigines of Australia have used the Emu for both food and medicine for  thousands of years. Slowly through research we are finding out why. The Emu truly is a prehistoric bird roaming Australia some 60 million years ago. Want to know what a dinosaur egg looks like, check out an Emu egg! The incubation period for an Emu egg is long. He (the male alone does the incubating) will sit on the eggs for as long as 52 days with virtually no food or water. It is the fat that he lives off and it is the fat that is refined into the oil. Emu oil works because of its very high content of linoleic and oleic acid, which are known to be natural anti-inflammatories. They are also poly-unsaturated fats, which allows our body to readily absorb the oil. Being a natural liposome, Emu oil is also used as a "carrier" for other products.

The American Emu Association has developed strict standards for Emu Oil and they recognize three grades of oil: Raw, Rendered and Refined. Willow Grove Emu Oil is  refined oil. It is a natural refining process without the uses of strong chemicals. It is this refining process that removes the peroxides and free fatty acids that can allow the oil to go bad or rancid. If someone wants to sell you Emu Oil with perfumes or additives in it, run, don't walk away! Refined Emu Oil should have an indefinite shelf life.

The real key to Emu Oil is to use it frequently rather than a lot. Unless you are using it on superficial burns, wounds, scars, insect bites, etc., or as a moisturizer, you must let it penetrate. Therefore, use it in small amounts frequently.

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